“Of all my teaching experience for 5 years and of all the agencies that I dealt with in the past years, I applied through Career Hub recently through their website. I never knew that they are going to reply shortly. When we started sending e-mails, they asked what I am looking for and found me a job with a school on the spot. They were clear with what the school offers, however, the first school decided not to proceed with the hiring process. I thought Career Hub would let go, but they didn't. They found me another teaching job at another school and arranged for an interview. I would send couple of e-mails each day and I never felt that they are annoyed. They replied on the spot. I am currently working in an amazing school in the UAE, with an amazing offer. This is all because of Career Hub and the continuous support of Ms. Fevie. Can't be more thankful.”
Ms. Nassab.
English Department Head / Teacher

“Thank you so much for all your help and assistance during all this period of time, I highly appreciate and I promise to give my best every day at my school! Again, Thank you for offering me this opportunity and for making me part of my current school! Wishing you all the best in your career goals and perspectives!”
Ms. Marsida.
KG Teacher

“Thank you! You’ve been very helpful throughout the process. I shall always remain a client of Career Hub. ”
Ms. Rana.
English Teacher

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your extensive support and valuable advice and comments.” You ALWAYS provide quality service!”
Mr. Khaled.
Coordinator / Supervisor

“Thanks a lot. I am very pleased with the service you provided and grateful for the job placement. I am definitely recommending your recruitment services to friends and colleagues who will be looking for teacher placements in the future.”
English Teacher

"I spent months searching for a job; I applied everywhere to no avail. I started believing that finding a job in Dubai was impossible until I found Career Hub. Two weeks from submitting my CV, I signed the contract with a very good salary. Throughout the process, I was impressed by the professionalism, support and availability displayed. I am ever grateful to Career Hub. "
Ms. Nesreen E.
English Teacher

"Thank you Career Hub Consultancy for your amazing services. I highly appreciate your quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. You were able to prepare me extremely well for my first interview and were very patient with me & kept in constant contact until I was successfully accepted. I will always remember that. I would be happy to recommend you to any of my friends without hesitation, and in fact I have already recommended you to many teachers who were looking for a job! I am so grateful.
Mrs. Suzan H.
English Teacher

"I am very happy with the experience that I've had with Career Hub. I received a reply the same day that I first contacted the agency and was always in contact with my agent throughout the whole process. My questions and concerns were always answered. I was advised and guided throughout the process of applying to a school which led me to receive the first job that I was interviewed for. I am now in Dubai, UAE and could not be happier at my new school. It was a smooth procedure from South Africa to Dubai and I could not have chosen a better agency. Thank you for everything! "
Ms. Kausar G.
English Teacher

"I recommend Career Hub Human Resource Consultancy for everyone seeking a job. They help you to find a job according to your qualification and your requirements. They always support you and keep updating you with new vacancies and always take your inquiries into consideration. I am working in UAE now and I was hired by my school through Career Hub and my experience with them was great. Wish them all the best and to keep working on finding jobs for qualified persons."
Mr. Hussam B.
Science / Biology Teacher

"I would like to thank you for your continuous follow up.I had the best experience ever, trustworthy and confidential company.Best of luck! Thank you for your cooperation."
Ms. Khadidja A.
English / Classroom Teacher